Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Some of Angela's favorite audiobooks that she listened to in 2006.
The really good ones are starred.

Nature Girl
Hiaasen, Carl.
comic fun

Sin Killer
Wondering Hill
By Sorrow's River
Folly and Glory
The Berrybender Naratives series by McMurtry, Larry
nutty family, epic perils

Thirteen Moons
Frazier, Charles
good, not as good as Cold Mt.

Metro Girl
Motor Mouth
The Barnaby series by Evanovich, Janet
my first Evanovich experience, fun ride

The Weather Makers
Flannery, Tim F
very important information for all

Hard Truth
Barr, Nevada
she is a good thriller writer

The Life And Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid : A Memoir *
Bryson, Bill
really really funny

The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel *
Setterfield, Diane
twist at end is good

Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
Waldman, Ayelet
maybe this should be on the next list

Running With Scissors: A Memoir
Burroughs, Augusten

Simply Love
Balogh, Mary
I like romances when they are well written

Captive of my Desires
Lindsey, Johanna
same as above

In the Company of the Courtesan: A Novel*
Dunant, Sarah
excellent historic fiction

Coyote Dream *
Stein, Jessica Davis
memorable romance

The Debutante Divorcée
Sykes, Plum.
cute chick lit/the usual Manhattan Park Ave. crowd, NOT deep

hmmmm, Pretty good/ok ones:

A Spot Of Bother
Haddon, Mark.

Home to Big Stone Gap : a novel
Trigiani, Adriana.

The Guy Not Taken: Stories
Weiner, Jennifer

Rise And Shine: A Novel
Quindlen, Anna

Can't Wait To Get To Heaven
Flagg, Fannie

Susannah's Garden
Macomber, Debbie

The Stolen Child
Donohue, Keith.

Happiness Sold Separately
Winston, Lolly

The Historian: a Novel
Kostova, Elizabeth

The Alchemist's Daughter
McMahon, Katharine

Lipshitz Six, or Two Angry Blondes : A Novel
Cooper, T

The Virgin Suicides
Eugenides, Jeffrey

The Tenth Circle
Picoult, Jodi

Lovers & Players
Collins, Jackie

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