Monday, June 18, 2007

YNK@Warsaw Public Library
YNK=You Never Know
YNK what you will find at the library. YNK what might be going on. YNK who you might meet.
If you are in Middle School, get a head start on summer reading. Is your little sister is still in school, and your big brother studying for his Regent’s exam? Get out of the house, and come to the library.
Middle School Activities
On June 14, come in and register. Enter a prize drawing. Pick up a copy of Sherlock Holmes short stories.
Monday June 18, at 2 PM, come in and try a craft.
Tuesday, June 19, at 2 PM, Find the mystery book of the day and win a prize.
Thursday, June 21, at 2 PM, Play Clue and browse a display of some of the best detectives who never lived.

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