Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A few preliminary results from our patron survey spring 2007

Warsaw Public Library 2007 Patron Survey Comments

Positive comments (+)

+Great helpers
+Love it here
+Good selection
+Fast from other sources
Needs to be open longer on short days
+Excellent, doing a good job, friendly staff
+Good selection of books inc. children
+Good friendly staff, no complaints
+Excellent, excellent
+Rock on!
+Can you do my taxes too?
+Thanks for a great library!
+Good materials to borrow
+Since the OWWL has been up and running I use the library more than ever-for personal and professional needs. I love the ILL program too. The Warsaw Public Library is a very valuable resource in the community. The staff is TOP NOTCH- very helpful and friendly.
+Comfort level, staff friendliness and attitude are all awesome.
+The staff and service is great overall. I give Warsaw Public Library an A+.
+I love visiting the library as much as possible. Because of the books and extremely comfortable atmosphere. Thanks.
+I love the staff. They are brilliant resources! The selection of books is great and I can always get what I want. I use the ILL when I need to and it’s excellent! A great library!
+The librarians are nice and when my mom brings me here I feel relaxed and ready to go and pick out great books.
+ A very enjoyable and informative library. Staff is capable, friendly and helpful+Story time with Ms. Mary should be shared with other libraries. She does a fantastic job reading, acting, and keeping the students attention! She is a true teacher and friend to children and adults! Nice Job Mary! You are the best!
+You’re doing a great job. I wish Attica Library would follow your lead!
I love our library-always have! I think we need more computers, more hours, and more parking close to the doors. I ‘d love to see adults involved in reading discussion groups, especially the retired group that hang out in the diners! Maybe we could get a Starbucks franchise!!!
+ We really enjoy story time with Mary. She does a wonderful job!
+You have a wonderful children’s story hour. I enjoy bringing my daughter.
+Love the library
+We’re lucky to have this library in town and that it is staffed w/so many courteous, helpful, friendly, considerate “librarians”.
+ ILL is amazingly quick!
+Love the ILL
+ Keep up the good work!
+ Great job.
+ Friendliest folks around

Suggestions and negative comments

Need more new books, love the ILL, would like to take out newest magazine, expand hours please, need more computers.
More DVDs
Sometimes parking is tight
The end of the alphabet is hard to find upstairs
More magazines might be nice
Sometimes computers are crowded w/teens
Large text screens
Smaller computer desks
Ability to download e-mail attachments
More parking spaces
More open hours
Audio books for children and YAs needs improvement
Need more hours
You need more movies and nicer librarians, more computers.
You should be able to get stuff out 15 min. before closing because you would not let us last time.
Need more adult programs, display case often empty.
Obviously the parking cannot be changed, the hours are hard because they are not the same everyday.
Unfamiliar with most services
I wish there was more space to work and study. It would be nice to have more chairs and couches.
Chairs at reading table are to low, Smithsonian is a very good magazine. Please get more Evanovich series CDs, more DVDs
I liked it when the library was a quiet place, not today!
Sometimes I wish you were open more mornings.

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