Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not to be missed!

Magical Mysteries at Warsaw Public Library

Thursday, July 26, 4 PM

Jim Bush, Magician. Come enjoy a special magical afternoon.As Jim Bush says, Magic is ”80% laughter and 20% mystery.”http://www.jimbushmagic.com/

Dear Librarian:
The more the merrier, I say, when it comes to promoting reading. And nothing promotes the fun of reading better than a good time in the library itself. For over 20 years, my "Magic of Reading" show has packed 'em in and kept 'em laughing with a mixture of:
Magic - Live, up close mysteries, many of which, as I tell the kids, "I learned in a book!"

Comedy - Hide the "Quiet, Please" sign. Laughter for all ages is
both permitted and encouraged.

Audience participation - The best way to make it memorable. Get them involved!

Instruction - Each show includes a teaching segment. Imagine kids telling Moms & Dads, "Look what I learned in the library today!"

Jim Bush

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