Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some good books I have been listening to this summer:

Drop Dead Beautiful by Jackie Collins. The sixth book in her Lucky Santangelo series, classic Jackie nonsense, very entertaining!

The Ministers Daughter by Julie Hearn. A fictional prequel to the Salem witch trials, great historical fiction with more than a splash of fantasy.

Long Road Turning (Women of Paragon Springs, 1) by Irene Bennett Brown. I can't wait to read more from this series about a settlement in Eastern Kansas in the 1870s. Range wars, soddies, strong women, and Dodge City.

River of Our Return by Gladys Smith. More settlers, this time on the Salmon River in Western Idaho. Ride the river in the days before life preservers, GPS, and cell phones.

Back to Wando Passo: A Novel by David Payne. This is a good one. A plantation, hoo doo, incest and a washed-up manic depressive rock musician. Really engrossing.

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