Monday, November 19, 2007

This librarian's 2007 Thanksgiving dinner for 8.
Selected recipes tomorrow!

starters, to keep the hungry people calm during final prep of the meal:
I set everything out on a larg-ish side table in the living room.

squash soup in a crock pot with mugs, small plates, glasses and ice bucket
chips and dip
bruchetta assortment-tomato, artichoke, and tampanade
shrimp and cocktail sauce
relish plate (mom)
wines, pops

organic fresh turkey
fresh cranberry sauce
sour cream mashed potatoes
sweet potato dish (mom)
carrots and peas in orange ginger sauce
corn muffins
pesto refrigerator rolls
green bean casserole (sister)

sugar free pumpkin pie (mom)
pumpkin pie (mom)
pumpkin-molasses cake
coffee, tea

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