Thursday, January 17, 2008

Coming Soon!

February is Food for Fines Month at Warsaw Public Library
February 2008 is a good time to clean out overdue library materials and over crowded cupboards. Bring in one non-perishable food item per library item that has overdue fines on it, and the fines will be forgiven for that item. Bring back those long overdue books, DVDs, audiobooks, and puppets!! You are, of course, welcome to bring in food items even if you do not have fines. The food will be donated to our local food pantry.

Meanwhile, how about checking out one of our many cookbooks? Find some new soup or slow cooker recipes and keep warm during the cold season. Find them at

Green eggs and ham cookbook : recipes inspired by Dr. Seuss!
Brennan, Georgeanne

Gastroanomalies : questionable culinary creations from the golden age of American cookery
Lileks, James

Big birthdays : the party planner celebrates life's milestones
Tutera, David

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