Thursday, March 20, 2008

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hedgie lover

My hedgie is named Ambrose. He is two years old. He likes to eat really high quality cat food, meal worms, a cheerio, a bit of banana, a pea, a corn chex....
Ambrose lives in "the compound" located in the corner of the kitchen. He can climb out anytime as the 2' by 5' cage is only one foot high with no ceiling. He generally only leaves on his own when his exercise wheel is out for a cleaning. He sleeps in his maharajah tent which is a pile of old tee-shirts situated under a towel clothes-pinned to his compound bars.
Ambrose enjoys exploring his world, which is the whole downstairs of the house. He spelunks under beds and in closets. After his tour he climbs back into the compound, or he makes his bed under something along the way, such as a pile of dirty laundry or unfortunately, exactly in the center under the queen size bed with some used tissues dragged around him for comfort. He is easy to find and put back in his home because when a human comes around making a racket, he starts hopping and popping as a warning to leave him alone. He also makes a little motor-like noise.
Our little hedgie lives in harmony with Francie the cat as he has the ultimate armor, prickles. Francie would like to hunt him down like the prey that he is, but she chooses not to mess with him after all, he is sharp!

Here is Ambrose pictured enjoying some really smelly sneakers. He likes smelly things.

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