Monday, March 17, 2008

Warsaw Public Library 2007 #s

Total Audio Recordings (includes audio CDs, tapes, etc.) 486
Total Videos and DVDs 1,367
Adult Fiction Books 8,596
Total Children's Books 7,661
Total Adult Non-fiction Books 8,500
Current Subscriptions 49
Total Additions to collection 1,785 items
Grand Total Holdings 27,784
Total Number of Programs held at the library 289
Total library program attendance 5,006
Total Library visits 23,764
Registered resident borrowers 2,508 Registered non-resident borrowers 1,266
Total Circulation Transactions 52,803
Total Reference Transactions 1,842
Interlibrary loan materials borrowed by Warsaw Public Library patrons 4,952
Interlibrary loan materials loaned by Warsaw Public Library to patrons of other libraries 4,262
Number of users of public Internet computers and WIFI 7,191
Total Hours Open 2,056

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