Tuesday, December 23, 2008

That ever popular feature is back:
These are a few of my favorite things!

Note: In 2008 my husband volunteered to have his family's traditional x-mas eve gathering. I investigated several local caterers, but I really like to cook, so I took on the project myself.

This librarian's out of control x-mas eve finger food menu for 40.(I hope it is enough)

large platters from grocery store

items to be brought by guests
cookie platters
sausage balls
Taco dip

made by moi'

6 bobolie gourmet pizzas
Greek(olive oil, a little marinated garlic, baby spinach, tomatoes, feta)
smoked (sweated onions, white raisins, smoked Gouda)
chicken artichoke, roasted red pepper

rugulah hors dourves(spread plain or flavored cream cheese on refrigerated pie dough circle, apply various filings, cut into 16 triangles per crust roll up, bake)
curry powder, chicken, white raisins
summer sausage, cheddar cheese
1/2 bacon strip

relish tray
deviled eggs (always very popular)
cheesy zucchini bread
nuts bowls, cracker baskets
baby sausages in crock pot
meatballs in crock pot

Opal's Christmas Punch
1 can frozen pink lemonade concentrate
1 bottle of cinnamon dots
1 chilled can pineapple juice
1 chilled 2 lt ginger ale

melt cinnamon dots in lemonade over low heat till you get red syrup
mix all ingredients in punch bowl, yummo!!!

my own cookie platter
various other liquid refreshments
anything else I forgot
favors for every one at the front door.....

Happy Holidays!

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