Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Truthfully, holidays are all about the chow for me. If I am busy in the kitchen creating yummy vittles for guests, I do not have to be too sociable. Being a bookworm, this works out well for me. Indulging in cheer during the whole thing makes me all the more sociable when I finally do emerge with a tray of, oh, melted cheese over buttery pastry with chocolate sauce and something special for the holidays such as cream puffs stuffed with candy canes in butter sauce topped with red and green jimmys...

Find these holiday cookbooks and more on OWWL.

What can I bring? : cookbook
Byrn, Anne

Nigella Christmas : food, family, friends, festivities
Lawson, Nigella

Mastering the art of French cooking
Child, Julia

The gallery of regrettable food
Lileks, James

Christmas parties : what do I do?
Ripple, Wilhelminia

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