Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Ode to our Warsaw Book Sale Volunteers
We call and we email, we ask for your time,
and you give it so generously, never expecting a dime.
Be it blazing muggy hot or raining or the last minute, you always come through,
The Warsaw Public Library Book Sale would be nothing without each of you.
We express our thanks, just as often as we can,
and please know that we at the library are your biggest fans.
You hock hard covers, paperbacks and movies too;
and help move boxes and tables in the heat till we all start crying boo-hoo.
You become a familiar face; one we know and can rely upon,
and the list could simply go on and on.
But it seems only right, that we move this along...
So on behalf of Warsaw Public Library we offer great big thanks to you,
our volunteers.
Sent with the warmest of wishes for continued good reading all through every year.

Attributed to:
Anonymous Library Director
Bad Poetry Review, Summer 2011

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